Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cutie pie dollhouse now called Precious Dollhouse!

Hi again,

Wow 2 post in one day...

The Cutie pie dollhouse is done and ready to move in... And I renamed her Precious!

The furniture I have is too big for this dollhouse so this beauty is going to stay empty for a while:

The color is called 'yellow skin' but for me looks 'peachy' go figure!

Oh I almost forgot!

Welcome to Sandra and Narina
Näpertää !!!!

McKinley dollhouse - week Thirty Four


o.O  The 34th week lasted over a month 'cause I was very bored and I decided spend my time reading some books...

But this last 3 days I finished the doors trimmings. Not perfect and the white 'filling' is kind of bizarre, but what ever!

I also started painting and 'shining' the porch pieces and the front door.... Let's hope I can finish this soon.
And I still need to 'glass' the tower windows and glue the tower roof in place.

That's all for now...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

McKinley dollhouse - week Thirty Three

Hi, everyone!

Easter holiday and the laziness hit hard but I finished putting the 'glass' in the kitchen bay window... Now I'm measuring, cutting, sanding and painting the doors trimmings.

I choose a opaque 'glass' for the kitchen:

Got to go now...
And I'm painting the cutie pie dollhouse a peachy color with white floors and grey chimney...