Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 32 and 33

Hi y'all!

No pictures this times. The last two days was wasted trying to glue the freaking spiral staircase on the second floor... It broke... four times! So I tossed it into the trash and made another...
I'm waiting to dry so I can try... again...
I'm going to finish this dollhouse without furniture because I haven't decided what kind of shop it will be.
Till later, Cheers!

ETA: I didn't work... again... ARGH!!!! I'm going to move onto the next dollhouse before I get even more pissed off.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 30 and 31

Hi, everyone!

I remember to blog! Go me!!

In the last couple of days I finished the exterior staircase and added the doors.

For the railings I changed the kit pieces for BBQ bamboo sticks. They are round and more cute.
I painted the staircase with grey tempera guache.

I painted the doors (front, back and second floor) with a red nail polish called fuxico (don't ask...I didn't get the reason for the WTF-name too) on the outside and the inside with a brownish nail polish called peace (I'm rolling my eyes so hard I saw my brains...). Then I added a silver mini bead to work as door nob.

Almost done with this dollhouse. I need to add the spiral staircase, and furniture. I need to decide what the ground floor store will be. I suck at choices!


Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Day 29

Hi, y'all

I was going to cut some shingles for the roof but I got lazy and made something different.

I got these round BBQ bamboo sticks so I used as covering for the roof:

It looks realy good, so I decide to add some color. A very light grey tempera guache:

I was going to paint the exterior windows trimmings but I'm felling lazy so I'm going to let the 'natural wood' color.
I'm going to paint the exterior staircase, add the railings and do something with the outside floor.
Later on, I'll add the interior staircase (after painting) and doors.

Later, Cheers!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 19 to 28


OH.MY.LOKI! I forgot to blog... AGAIN!!!! That means picture heavy post again.. Sorry!

I added some windows on the third floor:

And glued the staircase gap trimming: it's just a thin strip of white silky paper:

I did cut some limestone tiles but it was too thick and although it look gorgeous I didn't think it was going to work sooooo, I decide to glue the staircase in place and use bamboo sticks as siding after finishing the exterior trimmings of windows and doors.

There was a vote and I painted the siding red with guache paint. The 'veins' of the bamboo sticks still shows and looks pretty sharp!

Next are the shingles.... ARGH!
'Till next time, cheers!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 11 to 18

Hi everyone!

I forgot to blog! SHAME on me! SHAME!!!!!
I was off my mojo this past weeks but I did a lot too. This post is going to be very picture heavy.

I added Glass tiles to the 3rd floor bathroom in a 'pattern'.

The bedroom was bamboo sticks sanded so the 'veins' would pop-up:

Thin limestone tiles on the second floor. A bamboo stick was added so the dividing wall could be glued in place.

Wallpaper (bege) on the ground floor:

Second floor window trimmings glued in place

Ground floor diving wall:

Made a patterned window with transparent glass tiles:

Changed the front door:

Back window with 'glass' in place:

Made a sky light window for the little room in the back:

View from nside:

In the little room I made the floor with, again, glass tiles

Now I'm cutting thick limestone tiles to cover the exterior facade(is that the right word?)
I already cut myself twice....
But it will be worth it!