Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 11 to 18

Hi everyone!

I forgot to blog! SHAME on me! SHAME!!!!!
I was off my mojo this past weeks but I did a lot too. This post is going to be very picture heavy.

I added Glass tiles to the 3rd floor bathroom in a 'pattern'.

The bedroom was bamboo sticks sanded so the 'veins' would pop-up:

Thin limestone tiles on the second floor. A bamboo stick was added so the dividing wall could be glued in place.

Wallpaper (bege) on the ground floor:

Second floor window trimmings glued in place

Ground floor diving wall:

Made a patterned window with transparent glass tiles:

Changed the front door:

Back window with 'glass' in place:

Made a sky light window for the little room in the back:

View from nside:

In the little room I made the floor with, again, glass tiles

Now I'm cutting thick limestone tiles to cover the exterior facade(is that the right word?)
I already cut myself twice....
But it will be worth it!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 04 to 10

Hello, my good people!

I forgot to update my blog... BAD ME, BAD!
I did lots of things and now I'm choosing floors... Choices are mean!
But ANYWAY, here what I had done:

I glued the strips of the door side panels in place (although I decided to discard that later on):

I added the roof trimmings:

I made a third floor with cardboard, mansard style roof:

Roof was up!:

Front-ish roof was up:

 The open back trimmings were added:

Testing the best placement for the second floor inner wall :

I ended choosing this one:

I unglued the front-ish roof so I could cut the staircase head-gap (?):

And I added a little window for the bathroom in the third floor:

The hard work to make a spiral staircase from scratch was painful:

 The front door was taped in place and the little window seats glued so I could make the floor templates:

The 'glass' tiles on the front entrance was taped so they are not damaged:

My choice for the ground floor, two kinds of glass tile:

I did try some tiles for the exterior, but I didn't have enough tiles to finish the front. If I find more of the same thin ones I'll do it.
What do you think? YEY or NEY:

I also added the third floor' inner wall:

And now I'm cutting popsicle sticks for the second floor (hall/living area and kitchen/dinning are). For the third floor I think I'll use tiles on the bathroom and wood for the bedroom area.

That's all for now,