Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 122 to 125.

Hi y'all!

IN the last four days of work I had the porch covered with the bambu sticks so they look a lot better now.

I may paint the curved details in the future but right now I like it like it is.

Then I add a stone paper to cover the foundations and the front steps.
White glue in some spots in the porch so it wouldn't move it so much.

And its done!
This dollhouse is gorgeous and I had a lot of fun building it.
I could see myself doing another IF Greenleaf would make it a laser cut.
Die cuts are mean and I hate the 'decades' of sanding they need.

Now what to do next!?
I have a Diana, a Taft General Stone (both Greenleaf) and a Fantasy Villa (bought here in Brazil, in a craft shop), and the 1/2 scale furniture (also Greenleaf) to be done... Argh! Choices!!

Till later!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 121

Hi, Its me again!

I just finished 'shingling' the tower so the roof it's done! Kind of... There's some parts I'm going to leave just painted brown 'cause I haven't decide what to do with it.

During: the front 'faces'


Fairfield now:

Next it is the porch and the front steps...
But now I'm going to take a showed, drink a latte and chill...
FYI: hot glue on (in?) the thigh BUUUURNS!!!! OUCHY!!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 115 to 120

Hello, my good people!


I had a moth of vacation and them it was back to work, work, work. Almost no time to 'dollhousing' or even blogging...
But the end of the NO GOOD BAD YEAR 2016 is approaching and I got my mojo back.

The Fairfield is on her final stages. Final trimmings to glue in place and final Shingles! to add to the tower roof.
To finish completely I only have the porch to build and the front steps.

Picture time:

After this dollhouse I'm going to build the furniture for it.
P.S.: I'm going to possible post more pictures tonight or tomorrow. If the glue collaborate and dry ALREADY! ;D

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 113 and 114

HI, everyone!

Shingles fun-times still happening...

Then I had to stop because the shingles were not enough for the rest of the roofs. I'm going to buy more cardpaper so I can make more and finish this. Shingles fun-times are boooring!
See ya!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 111 and 112

Hi Y'all!

Shingle fun-times has come.

I'm using the shingles I made with a paper puncher glued with hot glue.
It's dark blue and I lightly sanded so I can have some 'texture'.
It looks good to me:

That's it for now, but I have the other roofs to do.
Cheers and Later!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 103 to 110

Hi guys!

My mojo was down for weeks so it took a long time to finish trimming the exterior of the Fairfield.
I added some thin and round sticks to the borders so it would give me a 'cleaner' look.
Not bad!.
Picture time:

Next: shingles fun-times... but I'm going to need a new hot glue gun , my old one is in a won't last...snif snif....
I think  I'll get the new one and I'll start the shingles, tomorrow after work

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 95 to 102

Hello my good people!

Siding is pretty but a bitch to do.
Bamboo splinters burn something awful.
But the siding is done... well almost...


I liked the visual of the underside of the roof... sooo pretty!
After that fun times ... shingles.... 5 days using a paper punch and I got that:

I think I need to finish the siding trimmings before adding the shingles 'cause they are cardboard and it can be damaged while turning and clamping the final sidings around.
OH I almost forgot! I need to porch that dollhouse!... d'oh me...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 91 to 94

Bello Papaguenas!

I started gluing the last two roof parts in place and then I moved to making the exterior trimmings for the windows myself. The ones that came with the kit were horrible (die cut is awful for small pieces)

And I FINALLY finished the tower windows.. and its real glass! I had some 1 cm pieces and they worked real well, if I say so meself... Two thumbs UP!

Trimmings all DONE!

Siding fun-times has began!

Many splinters - bamboo burns!!!! And I have two very nice and deep cut on my middle finger and thumb. FUN FUN FUN!!!

This siding thing takes a lot of time to prepare, you have to take lots of measures and then cutting the sticks but gluing in place goes really fast. In four days of work (Saturdays and Sundays) I was able to finish two sides. Not bad...

I was going to use a single vertical slice for the gap between the windows but I didn't like how that end up looking so, individual pieces it was!



First side done!

I gave the Fairfield a coat of dark brown guache paint so I could get a better finish with the siding... Like a crumb coat in cakes. ;D

Second side DONE!

Gaps between windows filled:

Now I'm going to take a shower, have a spot of tea and relax some.