Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Day 1

Hi, it's me... again...

I got the Chantilly half-scale laser cut out of its 'box'.
I labeled the parts and pop them out.

Then I did my first bashing, OFF with the mullions!

Then a dry fitting happened:

What a cutie!
Now I'm going to eat something and ponder what else to bash!

McKinley dollhouse - 'Week' Forty-Two and the Hiatus

Hi everyone... It's been a long time, no?

I'd got a month of vacation and I spent in Canada..Again... Great times, great times!

But before that, I was spending time fussing around with the furniture in the McK.
Most furniture was glued in place and the finishing touches were almost done.

This is the McK status today:

This vacation, I bought  3 new Greenleaf kits: The Chantilly, The Brimbles Mercantile (both half-scale laser cut) and the gorgeous Half-Scale Fairfield. As a result, I started craving to built the new ones, which I did. Of course....

So, for now the McKinley will be going on hiatus, until I get the bug for it again.