Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Day 03 - part II

Hello again!

And more was done today! YEY ME!
I glued the front door side panels (?) in place and I decided to add a third floor.
I used my Google-fu and found a mansard plan I liked and printed two.
Using scrap wood from the kit I built the frame for the third/attic floor.

The sides roofs will be done almost the same way only the left side will be partially open.

First, dry fitting of the roof:

One for the front and one for the back:

Close-up of the panels, the plastic tiles are covered with tape so they don't get scratched:

Time to sleep. I'll be doing more tomorrow for sure.
Later! and Cheers!!

The Taft General Store dollhouse - Days 01 to 03

Hi, Everyone!

I decide to tackle the Taft General Store before the Diana... ;D

The original: 

Of course, I'm bashing, it wouldn't be me if I didn't make some modifications.

First of all, it' not sure it's going to be a store/shop. Maybe a little house.
I'm going to add a attic and change the roof. I looked and I'm between the hip roof and the mansard roof.

No decisions were made about colors and decorations... That nightmare is still to come. I'm awful with choices.

For the front door, I substituted the acetate templates for plastic tiles. The two narrow windows closest to the door also got plastic tiles. FYI, plastic tiles stinks baaad before you wipe them down with water. EWWWW!

I also already built the two little cuties benches, but I don't know if I'm going to use them.


 The foundation:

Walls up while the foundation dries:

House upside down so the original roof, now 3rd floor can be glued in place:

The little back room also was glued in place:

The door with the plastic tiles:

The two little panels windows, also with plastic tiles:

The benches: