Monday, November 26, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Five

Hi, everyone!

I 'tiled' the tower bathroom. All white so it can look bigger. Tomorrow I'll be adding the goopy paste.

That will only leave the bay windows, the attic office and the ceiling of attic bedroom to wallpaper. ARGH, THE CHOICES!!!
Then I'll be done with the interior and it will be exterior time!
Shingles in the roof and the porch to build;
Voilá! The Scottish Girl will be finished!
That's all for now,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Four - addendum

Hi, again

The Loft is done... I'm going to add a 'stary' blue on the large roof interior after I finish 'tiling' the tower bath.
Picture time begins:

Adding shiny on the loft floor:

The Loft in yellows:

Tiling the tower bath. The tower bath will be totally white. Walls AND floor.
As you can see - maybe - I used a template for the flooring to I could leave a 'even' space between the walls and the floor:

That brown paper comes off after the tiles are completely glued in place with a damp cloth.
I don't know why but white ceramic tiles? Very easy to find and super cheap too!

I'm very generous with the white glue as you can see above.
For the walls I put 2 round sticks at both sides and tape firmly to keep the tiles in place. You can see better when you poke the pictures below:

I blinded meself with this last one ... ouch!

And this is where we are in the week 24!

Wow! only the attic office and the bay-windows to do! Then it's trimming time.. aeh...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Four

Hi, people!

Things are going fast in the last four days...

Moldings are in place and I'm almost done with the loft part of the wallpaper. As soon it's dry I'll be adding the baseboard for the back wall. I'm going to wallpaper the inside of the roofs with a pretty blue with stars.. oh so precious...!

Pictures below:

'Till later dudes!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Three

Hi everyone!

I got some additions to the attic:
A loft is born:

I did that 'cause I did not like the way the wallpaper end up. So, this is going make things better, I hope...

The porch floor is done, and let me tell you what a pain it was. Cutting tiles in a straight line is very difficult. Thor Almighty! But, alas, I did it. Victory!

As you can see the steps are a darker color. Soo precious! I'll be putting the goop that goes between the tiles a later date since I did not tiled the attic bath yet... and I don't want to waste the paste more than necessary.
That's all for now.
Good news, I have 6 days off work so I'll be able to accomplish much in the following days... at least I hope so... Got to go.

Ooh... And welcome new follower, Darah! 21 now, so I'm legally an adult! YEY, hehehhee!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty-Two

Hello, hello!

Trimming time begins!

Baseboards in the master bedroom:

And in the dining/living room:

I know it's not perfect but for a first timer... not too shabby!

The hallway is drying at the moment, so pictures later...
I have - FINALLY -  decided on the wallpaper in the attic bedroom. ;D. But I'm still measuring the thing out.
I'm going to get the tiles for the half-bath in the attic this week and I already started sanding the new wood shingles I made with tongue depressor sticks. The six million shingles... aeh...

I want to add molding (?) to the rooms but I don't know what color to use. Should I paint them white OR should I let 'wood' natural like the baseboards?


;D Cheers!