Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Eighteen

Hello, Hello!

Wallpaper in the dining/living room is done. White/blue/green stripes... Soft...

And the staircase/fireplace combo was glued in place.

I made a frame of polymer clay, painted shiny silver - called "deslumbre" - ... just don't ask.... I glued a mirror and voilá! a nice addition for the fireplace.

Wood floor also was glued in place. I need to add some white glue as a sealing... it gives a nice shine... and it's cheap too! HAHAHAHA

Now I'm choosing the wallpaper for the master bedroom - I WANT YELLOW!! -
The fridge was damaged beyond repair so I had to buy another one. bummer!
I also got a few little boxes ( mdf ) so I can make the Belfast sink I want for the kitchen. :D
That's all for now,

To finish: how things are looking right now?

Later Dudes!

Monday, September 17, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Seventeen

Hi, y'all

Bathroom is done in beaaaautifull BEAUTIFUUUULLL tiles.

The hallway is done too. Grey ivy wallpaper and wood flooring.

I'm having a very hard time deciding which wallpaper to use in the living/dining room, the master bedroom, the attic office and the attic bedroom. TOO MUCH CHOICES!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH

Porch is partially glued in place and I began to paint, dark brown...

I didn't add the goo that goes with the tiles 'cause I still need to finish the tower half-bath.
I finished painting the towels' cabinet ( the bathroom original one) and put that in the hallway. I think works better.

I'm still painting the fridge. The nail polish fumes are giving a high hehehehe.

The nail polish gives a very nice shine and it makes the thing looks like anything but mdf... Go Nail Polish!!!
I painted the 'freezer' part using a somewhat-blue that have some nuances of white. The picture doesn't show well but it looks like there's real ice there. Nice! This blue I'm using is called 'angel'... go figure nail polish in Brazil have some bizarre names.

This part of the roof was seriously damaged while tiling the bathroom so I'm going to have to redo... Which I'm going to do AFTER the wallpapering is done. I decide to be stooopid just once. At least in this issue.. ;D
Tip for the uninformed: If you are using paper shingles. Leave the roof for last, You will be more free to move and twist and turn the house around without fear of damaging them and you don't have to redone the thing again... Stooopid Me!

That's all for now... Later Dudes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mckinley dollhouse - week Sixteen

Hello, hello

I 'tiled' the kitchen :

And that's all I did. Kidding... I'm painting the fridge and the stove. And I'm making plans to do a sink for the kitchen.
I like this kind of sink, but I don't know if I'm capable to make it from scratch... I'll try:

Tonight I'll add the goo that goes between the tiles (I have no idea what is it called in english)
I'm going to buy the tiles for the bathroom as soon I get home 'cause the connection here at work is limited and sucks wide.
The wallpaper for the bedroom and attic office wallpaper are chosen (scrapbook paper cuties!)... I still need to choose some for the living/dining room ( I want RED!) and the attic bedroom (kids stuff?). The tower loo will be done in tiles too (maybe yellow?). Roof tower room will be wood galore, in the walls AND floor. :D


Sunday, September 2, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Fifteen


I finished the roof.. oo soo pretty!

Staircase and Fireplace almost done.

Tiles in the kitchen are glued in place with only the bay-window floor to finish. I need to use my BEST GIFT EVER to cut some tiles in angles. This picture is kind of useless since you can't see the actual titles 'cause of it's protective paper, but it's white. The wall tiles will have color... I hope...

Then it's time to choose wallpaper for the living/dining room, bedroom, and attic rooms...Aeh, I suck at choices...

Tower room is sanded and I'm going to work on the floor this week so I can attach the 'doors'. (note to self: Self, buy thoses thingies to put on the door so can open and close, hinges, I think?... Oh Almost forgot... Self, don't forget to get the 'wall' tiles. Thank you, Self!)

That's all folks!
See ya!