Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 13 to 15

Hello my lovelies!

The last three days were Very productive days!
This is the staircase 'prototype'... just so I could see where to cut into the second floor:

The entrance doorway turned into a window:

Tower walls in place:

Then I glued the Left/Front Wall and the Left side of the Second Floor in place:

A closer look, this will be the living room:

Porch area:

The staircase 'head gap':

Now the Left Wall is drying in place. And I started gluing the first staircase (first to second floor). I'm going to add a second staircase (second to third floor) somewhere... Still planing what to do...

By the way, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE FREAKING FIREPLACE/CHIMNEY THING! How to put that thing together!?!?! ARGH!
And the Greenleaf Forum is offline for Maintenance! NOOOOOO!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 09 to 12

Helloooo, good people!

Not much was done in the last four days since the weather (THANK YOU THOR!!!) got wet and cold..ish... and the wood glue took forEVER to dry.

Central Partition and Front Wall in place:

 The tower side in the Central Partition wall cut off:

 The Right side of the Second Floor and the Back Wall were glued in place.

With that done, I'm taking my time and making some plans and adjustments for the new staircase on the Tower space.
As you can see the tower space is more open since I cut off some of the Left Front Wall. The front doorway in the Tower Front Wall will be closed ( maybe it'll be turned into a window?) Theses walls are not glued in place yet since I still have to cut the 'head gap' for the staircase on the Left Side of the Second Floor.

The original floorplan put the kitchen in the left side with the dining and living rooms in the back (dinning in the back wall side, living in the front wall side). I'm going to turn all that around. The living room will be in the left side with a entrance doorway. Then the kitchen in the back wall side and the dinning room in the front wall side. With the chimney gone in the first floor, it will give me a 'open concept' kitchen/dinning area... ;D
Like this:

Now I'm going to work on the staircase prototypes, later!....

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 05 to 08

Hi, *coff coff*

Sorry about the dust... Sanding times, no fun... AT ALL!

But I'm happy to say that I'm almost finished sanding the larger parts.... I will not be sanding trimmings.. I'll make new ones with popsicle sticks. Take that, you evil sanding overlord!

The Central Wall is in its place and I'm clamping one of the sides walls right now...

Perfectly done! haHA!
As you can see, I cut off the tower side that this piece had. My tower will be accessible without moving the roof.
That's all for now... Later!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 01 to 04



The last post was over 3 months ago... Times flieees!
I took a month of vacation to visit my sister in Mississauga and OF COURSE I had to buy more dollhouses. The Diana and the General Store half-scale laser-cut are miiine!
I'm going to have to send some old plushies and toys away to open space for the pretties dollhouses.

This Sunday I started the Fairfield. Beautiful Fairfield... Too bad is a die-cut. A laser-cut would be awesome, IMAGINE the DETAILS we could have!!

Die-cut means sanding, losts of sanding and with sanding comes splinters, LOSTS of splinters....
I can honestly say I gave blood for this dollhouse. hehehehe

My plans for the Fairfield includes (of course) some bashing. I'm still planning what exactly to do, but the original staircase is gone! My staircase is moving to the tower space. I'm adding some doors in the second floor so I can make the porch roof into a porch balcony. I'm going to try some semi-open concept in the first floor so the fireplace and central wall/column are gone there. In principle, they still exist in the second and third floors. for now.... ;D
But everything begins with the foundation...
I sanded, and sanded and sanded then glued the foundation together. After that I added some more wood glue in the joints so it does not comes apart when I'm moving things around.

Next up, the outer and central walls...and more sanding... ARGH!!!