Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 56

Hello, hello!

Today was another productive day! Now I only have the hallway/living area on the third floor to add the wallpaper. Then its trimming time... YEY ME!!
I'm very happy with the choices I've made.
Pictures time:

I added some ceiling mural in the tower space... so cute!
I can't decide about the carpet for the staircase.. Or get something else. I think I'll see if I can find something more 'yellowish' at the store.
Cheers and Later!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 55 - PART TWO

Ok, that was fast...

I just finished the second floor hallway and bathroom....

I added the wallpaper to the staircase on the second floor and as soon it is dry I'll take some pictures.
Next to the schedule is the third floor. 
I'm still researching murals so its going to take a while.
This was a very very productive weekend, if I may say so.

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 55 - PART ONE

Hello again,

I just finished gluing the wallpaper in the library/office.

Next is the bathroom and the hallway in the second floor.

Then it's the third floor with I'm thinking to add some murals... I have not decided yet.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 54 - part two


Here is the bedroom:

Now it's dinner time and then I'll be going to read some fiction.

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 54 - part one

Hello my good people!

Wow! That was a big hiatus... Over two months!
My mojo was off and I could not gather enough enthusiasm to choose the wallpapers so I took a break.

Today - MY BIRTHDAY! - I woke up determined and I start to work on the Fairfield since 7 A.M... On a Saturday... I'm back baby!

Before the time off I finished sealing the floors and the sealant gave them a nice shine and color so the floors are done.

Today I did the ground floor walls - yellows! and the first floor fireplaces are covered. I'm going to wait for them to dry so I can wallpaper the walls on the bedroom and the library/office.

Now I'm going to eat the birthday lasanha my awesome mom did and then it's back to work!