Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Half Scale Diana - days 13 to 15

Hi everyone!

This week, I worked with the windows and their trimmings. And the acetate on the windows. Picture heavy post ALERT!

Painted white with nail polish for extra shiny!

This interior trimming I made with cardboard because the original one was too thick and it would prevent the false doors to open. Not perfect but not too bad:

Then I added the bay windows:

And the front windows trimmings:

Detail view of the front door:

Added some railing fo the staircase in the back :

Interior trimmings/acetate for the front windows:

I glued the roof for the bay windows:

And after days of indecision I choose this roof print:

I end up looking very good Indeed!

I also added wood print for the 'porch' floor and some trimmings on the edges:

Not much to do to finish this little lady. I need to add the staircase, some fluffy seating for the bay windows and the front door, that I can NOT understand how to build! ARGH!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Half Scale Diana - days 08 to 12

Hi, again!

I love laser-cut dollhouses.. So little sanding.

I took a long time to decide the upstairs wallpapers, as we all know I suck at choices...
But I finally decided on 3 one and they were added to the walls.

The 'wood' floor for the bedroom/hallway and the 'tile' for the bathroom was also glued in place.

I also added the same wallpaper to the ceilings.

Dry fitting the bay windows to see if the wallpaper was okay. I need finish the seats.

Dry fitting the roofs

The exterior of the dollhouse was chosen and glued in place. I still have to add the exterior 'stone' foundation, and the exterior steps.

I already found pretty 'shingles' for the roof. It will be added tomorrow.
Now, I'm painting the trimmings with white nail polish so I can add the acetato to the windows later.
I still have not decided about the porch... Not really a fan of the one in the kit so, we'll see.