Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 88 to 90

Hello, hello, my good people!

Hey! I think I got a new follower: Amary, be welcome!

Okay, here we go: I 'squared' trimmed the bay windows. I no like no rounded thingies...
Not a perfect look but better than the curved bit... blergh.

I have not decided yet if I'm adding interior doors.... the front door will be glued in place later on.
Now I'm gluing the roofs pieces in place and then its exterior fun times with siding and shingles!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 77 to 87ish?

Hi everyone..

I made OOPS...

I forgot to post the past 10 days of work . D'oh me! So this post is going to be "very" picture heavy.

I finished the baseboards.
Then added some 'thingie' to the fireplaces, painted with black nail polish for extra shiny!
I made my railings for the starcases, but I redone the third floor railings, its a little higher now.
I 'squared' the tower windows, 'cause I hate round windows. I made my own trimmings for that so now I just need to add the 'glass' to the tower windows.
I added the extra inner trimmings (corner moldings, ceiling moldings... etc), so the Fairfield have now lots of 'wood works'.
To finish the interior I need to:
1-decide how to do the interior trimmings for the bay windows,
2-finish the tower windows and
3-maybe add inner doors... I haven't decide yet.
Then it's siding and shingle fun times and the porch nightmare saga...aeh.

The Fairfield now (the roofs are not glued in place yet)