Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Day 53

Hello again my good people!

I was very lazy today. Maybe 'cause I got to go back to work tomorrow... snif snif ...
Anyway, I did very little today, I dyed my hair black, did some pedicure... some sanding on the floors and I made some changes in the ground floor staircase.
Yes, it is a closet... No, the door does not work because hinges are evil thingies that refuse to cooperate.

ANYWAY, it is better than before, in my opinion.
Tomorrow after work I'll 'prime' it and then I think I'll try to varnish the floors... if the laziness permit it.

Oh, and Happy new Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 49 to 52

Hi, everyone!

Lots has been done even with breaks for Christmas and New Year's Parties!

Last check before cutting the extra step:

I glued the flooring in place and then I tinkered some with the staircases...

I glued the porch's ceiling in place:

And I added some trimmings on the staircases floor-gaps.

Tomorrow I'll be sealing the floors and finishing the floor gaps trimmings...

I decided - FINALLY - the colors.
The interior will be in shades/patterns/prints of yellows with white ceilings. The exterior will be white with blue trimmings and shingles. The fireplace chimney will be covered in a stone wallpaper. The staircases will be white with some parts in yellow wallpaper and the steps will be covered with a 'carpet'... that I still need to buy.
The furniture will be made by me from scratch in Edwardian style. I got the 'Edwardian Era: Miniatures in 1:12 scale" by Jane Harrop. Two thumbs UP!
That's all for now.