Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Day 16 and the End


It's done! The Llilac Cottage is done!:

I was going to add paper shingles but I was booooored cutting them. So I used some squared-pointed popsicle sticks.
I worked with hot glue and - besides the injuries - I finish in three hours. GO ME!
 This is what I got:

Next in line is the Brimbles!. But first some research... :D

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Day 15


I'm melting!!!! This heat wave is killing me. I hate summer time....

Door is in it's place.

And I can't decide which roof shingle to use... ARGH!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Days 13 and 14

Hi, everyone and Happy Holidays!

Yesterday and today were very productive days.

I added some heels so the house was not so flat on the floor:

Interior trimmings done!

Exterior trimmings done!

I added some extra trimming on the attic for aesthetics... ;D

Looking at the back today:

Almost done with the Lilac Cottage! And I just notice I didn't put the front door in place.. D'oh!
Next thing on the schedule is Shingles!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Days 11 and 12

Hello, my good people!

The boring trimmings times has come but lots has been done this last 'days':
And I'll have the next 6 days to finish them all.
As you can see the porch thing is gone. I thought it looked too busy for such a little house. So I cut some roof for the bay window and scrap the rest...

I added some stone print at the porch floor. Not too shabby!

Trimming times!

I measured it about 50 times and still cut too short. D'oh moment! ARGH!

The first room to be finish. Still not sure if should put some baseboard....

And I started to research and planning for the Brimbles. YEY ME!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Day 10

Hi everyone!

I have not accomplished much this week, since I was only able to work on the Lilac today.

Trimmings are boring and I don't like how they are mean and not obey my orders and stay put!
The kitchen window outside trimming needs some work since I reduced it so I could add some counter space inside...Aeh! That is going to be a bitch to do...

I 'papered' the outside with a stone-like print I had. Not too shabby... I still have some touches to do and I'm going to add some quoins (? is that the right word?)...


Later dudes!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Half Scale Chantilly - Day 9

Hi, y'all!

This was the day for floors...

I was planning to work with popsicles sticks but I didn't like how that end up, so I used some printings I had.
Not bad at all!

I'll be adding the baseboards tomorrow - maybe, since I have to work! till six p.m. - and I'm not sure if I should add 'flooring' to the attic. 
And welcome Plushpussycat!, with you I get 23 followers... Go me!