Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

Hello, hello!

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

I got presents, PRESENTS!!!
This year in my family Secret Santa I got THE best gifts. EVER!
My aunt Lucia got my name and she gave me MINIATURES!!!!
Beautiful miniature furniture!
See? SEEE???

 They open!

 They open!

I have no idea what color paint them but whatEVER!
Here's them inside The Dreadfull Manor:

The chair is very big for the room but it's sooo cute!
Later, I'm going to gasp and point at my pretty pretty furniture... ;)

1 comment:

  1. muito belo!!! I especially love the hutch with all the shelves on top and cupboard on bottom.

    I wish i had one of those in real life in my craft room!! LOL

    you've done a GREAT job on all the painting too, and who would have thought to use NAIL POLISH??? haha so creative!

    if you wanna paint a little quicker than using that tiny nail polish brush, dump a little nail polish out on a piece of wax paper, and use a little bit bigger of a regular small paint brush. you can still do the detail with them cause they are small enough, but you get done quicker. lol

    what are the miniatures made of? chipboard or wood?
    are you going to put stuff inside the desk drawer and on the shelves of the hutch? are you going to make blankets and stuff for the baby bed? and jackets for the coat hanger? that would be SO cool!!

    if you want something small enough for the hutch shelves, you can buy (this is a cool idea) decorative BEADS! get like pigs, and birds and stuff like that and they will sit on the shelves. lol :)

    keep up the great work, SOME MORE!