Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 21 to 24

Hello hello!

The last four days were very productive indeed!!!
All inner walls, the fireplace, the bay windows external walls and the third floor were glued in place. Now I'm going to let the Fairfield rest till Saturday when I'm will spray paint/prime it.

I only have the roof and the staircases to glued in place... And choose the colors. Mom wants red but I don't know... I'm thinking blues or greens.. or grays..ARGH! CHOICES!!!!
Now it's pictures funtimes!

Bathroom wall in place:

Back inner wall second floor:

Tower wall extended:

Back view:

Inner walls and fireplace column in place - second floor:

Bay windows:


Front view:

Third floor in place:

Back view - with third floor in place:

Side view with third floor in place:

The second staircase head gap:

The hearths (?) in place:

Third floor inner walls addition:

Third floor inner wall, maybe a second bathroom?. As you can see the tower wall is extended this side too:

That's all for now! Staircases and CHOICES are next!

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