Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 64 to 71!


WARNING!!: This post is picture heavy!

I added the tiles on the porch floor. I decided for white tiles:

Those plastic cross 'thingies' are spacers for the tiles. Very helpful!

Tower roof support 'beams' added too:

Dry fit of the porch railings... meh...(maybe I'll make some from scratch):

I added some support for the porch roof :

The windows inner 'glassed' panels drama begins. I did not liked this one very much. So the rest will be single panels.

Porch roof glued in place:

More windows inner 'glassed' panels :

This one sucked something awful to do... argh!

A front view...

I found that if you lightly sand the borders of the 'glass', they glue more sturdy to the wood trimmings:

And more windows inner 'glassed' panels:

Another sucky one to do:

Trimming on the porch roof in place:

Trimming on the bay windows roofs also in place:

That's all for now. I still have a attic window (ANOTHER sucky one) to do the ground floor larger one (former door) and the round ones - I'm going to make them diamond shaped... I NO like round windows :( ... then I'll add the tower roof and add the porch railings and the final trimmings and then to finish I'll spray paint (maybe add some color outside?) and THEN it's shingles time!!!!


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