Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 77 to 87ish?

Hi everyone..

I made OOPS...

I forgot to post the past 10 days of work . D'oh me! So this post is going to be "very" picture heavy.

I finished the baseboards.
Then added some 'thingie' to the fireplaces, painted with black nail polish for extra shiny!
I made my railings for the starcases, but I redone the third floor railings, its a little higher now.
I 'squared' the tower windows, 'cause I hate round windows. I made my own trimmings for that so now I just need to add the 'glass' to the tower windows.
I added the extra inner trimmings (corner moldings, ceiling moldings... etc), so the Fairfield have now lots of 'wood works'.
To finish the interior I need to:
1-decide how to do the interior trimmings for the bay windows,
2-finish the tower windows and
3-maybe add inner doors... I haven't decide yet.
Then it's siding and shingle fun times and the porch nightmare saga...aeh.

The Fairfield now (the roofs are not glued in place yet)


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