Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 91 to 94

Bello Papaguenas!

I started gluing the last two roof parts in place and then I moved to making the exterior trimmings for the windows myself. The ones that came with the kit were horrible (die cut is awful for small pieces)

And I FINALLY finished the tower windows.. and its real glass! I had some 1 cm pieces and they worked real well, if I say so meself... Two thumbs UP!

Trimmings all DONE!

Siding fun-times has began!

Many splinters - bamboo burns!!!! And I have two very nice and deep cut on my middle finger and thumb. FUN FUN FUN!!!

This siding thing takes a lot of time to prepare, you have to take lots of measures and then cutting the sticks but gluing in place goes really fast. In four days of work (Saturdays and Sundays) I was able to finish two sides. Not bad...

I was going to use a single vertical slice for the gap between the windows but I didn't like how that end up looking so, individual pieces it was!



First side done!

I gave the Fairfield a coat of dark brown guache paint so I could get a better finish with the siding... Like a crumb coat in cakes. ;D

Second side DONE!

Gaps between windows filled:

Now I'm going to take a shower, have a spot of tea and relax some.


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