Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 20 - the trimmings... argh the trimmings

2 down 5 more to go... Jesus, I think they are reproducing...


Children Bedroom:

Did I ever say this is BOOOOOORING!!!???
So why do I have to finish it? I don't like the idea of using all the paper, time, glues and ink ( OH.MY.GOD...The INK!)and get nothing in the end so I'm going to finish this soon, so I can do something ELSE! And I have no idea which dollhouse plan to do first... Geez... I'm a freak.



  1. well, I say work on the princess castle. or you could work on a miniature farm! that would be WICKED, just make sure to make some piggies :D

  2. ok, scratch the mini farm idea... hubby said you're prolly tired of farms because of farmville. lmao

  3. Oh God, not farms... The worst? I DO have a model for a farm.
    I need to start the first castle. November starts next week... Where's October? I think I blink and it was gone! PUFF!