Sunday, August 5, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - Week Eleven


I didn't do much... I'm working on the templates for floors and walls, and cutting shingles...
But I did 2 'thingies':

I glued the staircase 'gap wall' n the bedroom:

and I made a sitting/table thing for the window space in the bedroom:

and I'm back to cutting shingles... boooooooooooooring!
Still no clue how to put the chimney together. I think I'm missing some parts... Or my 'I'm stooopid' card is sparkling...

Oh! Welcome A.Wright!


  1. howdy, howdy, and howdy some moreeeeeeeeeeeee. ;)

    So, ok, here in the U.S. we call that sitting/table "thingy" a "window seat". usually used for laying or sitting in while reading and enjoying the view outside.

    I'd much like to have one of them so I can sit and read and watch the rain and/or snow (during winter).

    :) You're doing a great job! :p

    1. HI ANYMORE!

      aHA! I knew that... ;p I the bedroom will actually be a window 'seat', but in the living room it will be a 'table' seat.

      Aaaah, snow I missed the little I saw in Canada...