Saturday, August 11, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - Week Twelve

HI, Y'all

This week I had a lot to do at work and the traffic jams were so ridiculous I didn't have the energy to work on my Scottish Girl, McK.
I have done little else but cut shingles and templates.
But I half-glued the tower roof:

I used some Popsicle sticks to 'hold' the floor in place while I taped the whole thing together. For those parts you usually need 5 or 6 hands... aeh.

Bedroom floor is finally finished! I sanded and then 'sealed' using white glue! I think it looks nice and the white glue gave a very subtle 'shine'. And it was cheap! lol:

I did some furniture positioning to see if the miniature I have fit:

And I'm got two new sinks :

I put the chimney was driving me bonkers...



  1. It looks it is all coming along nicely. I love your chairs, very nice cutouts on the backs. Are they from a kit? Would you mind sharing more info on them, I'd like to try to find some.

    1. Thank you!
      I bought my minis from a online shop and from a shop close to work, here in Brazil.
      They are laser cuts mdf miniature furniture. The shop I bought sells them already assembled but there are places where you can find them in mini-kits.
      The fridge, sinks, oven, dinner table and large bed were bought from this site: [ ] and they were mini-kits to assemble (just need glue actually).
      The rest were bought already assembled here: [ ]

      The first site is not very good since they online shop doesn't show all they have (tons of stuff, but in the second is very easy to have an good view of the pieces.

      Most of the time, I sand them all over just a little then I paint them using nail polish (it gives a very nice shine, dries very fast and it's veeeeery cheap).