Wednesday, November 21, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Four - addendum

Hi, again

The Loft is done... I'm going to add a 'stary' blue on the large roof interior after I finish 'tiling' the tower bath.
Picture time begins:

Adding shiny on the loft floor:

The Loft in yellows:

Tiling the tower bath. The tower bath will be totally white. Walls AND floor.
As you can see - maybe - I used a template for the flooring to I could leave a 'even' space between the walls and the floor:

That brown paper comes off after the tiles are completely glued in place with a damp cloth.
I don't know why but white ceramic tiles? Very easy to find and super cheap too!

I'm very generous with the white glue as you can see above.
For the walls I put 2 round sticks at both sides and tape firmly to keep the tiles in place. You can see better when you poke the pictures below:

I blinded meself with this last one ... ouch!

And this is where we are in the week 24!

Wow! only the attic office and the bay-windows to do! Then it's trimming time.. aeh...


  1. I love the wallpaper you have used in the attic - so fresh and pretty. And you are very clever using the little tiles on the round tower bathroom. It will look great.

    1. All the wallpaper I used are images I found on the web. I printed on 180g verge paper, and Voilá!