Thursday, November 15, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week Twenty Three

Hi everyone!

I got some additions to the attic:
A loft is born:

I did that 'cause I did not like the way the wallpaper end up. So, this is going make things better, I hope...

The porch floor is done, and let me tell you what a pain it was. Cutting tiles in a straight line is very difficult. Thor Almighty! But, alas, I did it. Victory!

As you can see the steps are a darker color. Soo precious! I'll be putting the goop that goes between the tiles a later date since I did not tiled the attic bath yet... and I don't want to waste the paste more than necessary.
That's all for now.
Good news, I have 6 days off work so I'll be able to accomplish much in the following days... at least I hope so... Got to go.

Ooh... And welcome new follower, Darah! 21 now, so I'm legally an adult! YEY, hehehhee!


  1. That's a cute idea:) are you going to put a bed up there or a storage area? Sorry curios! Keep up the work! The front porch looks amazing!

  2. Hi Darah!,

    It's going to be a 'bedroom'. I'm very happy 'cause with this I'm going to be able to glue wallpaper 'murals'. YEY!
    I also agreed, the porch looks great... hard frustrating work but sooo worth it!
    Cheers! By the way, I'm stalking you now BWAHAHAHAHA!