Saturday, February 2, 2013

McKinley dollhouse - Week Twenty Nine

HI, Y'all

The main roof is done!
Hot glue and popsicle sticks galore! I added a strip of siding on the top border as a 'crown molding'... Not too bad, if I may say so.
I still need to shingle the porch roof, the bay window roof and the tower roof.
Besides the shingles I need to add the exterior trimmings, glue the tower roof in place and add 2nd and 3rd floor staircases.But it's going good! Here the pictures:

The Scottish girl will be ready soon, I hope. I guess since it's almost done I'm getting bored with the McK. I'll be getting a new dollhouse in September, but I'm still not sure which one to get - Willowcrest, Brookwood or the Fairfield.
The Willowcrest is gorgeous and it's my favorite but the Brookwood makes me dream of modern furniture; The Fairfield is the most 1/2 scale precious thing ever.
I researched many ways to bash the Willowcrest and the Brookwood into a front opening dollhouse so I can 'hang' them on the wall and the Fairfield is small enough for the table top 'turn-around' thingy I have.
ARGH!! Choices are evil!


  1. Well my first one is the McKinley and the one i. Working on right know, finishing things up... Slower then wanted. Any who, I bought the Fairfield, because its small cute and Victorian feel and just anough rooms to fill with all the niknaks your doll family could wish for! Not i just need to save up for the turntable so i can easily move it around and or display the little master piece!

  2. I am so enjoying doing the Fairfield. I love that it has quite a few rooms, and is an interesting shape and layout while still being small enough to display easily.

    You've done a great job of shingling the roof, using popsicle sticks is a way of saving money while still getting the effect.

    1. I have 1000 ideas for my future Fairfield... I can't wait for September!