Saturday, February 23, 2013

McKinley dollhouse - weeks Thirty One and Thirty Two

Hi, Everyone!

These past two weeks I've done lots of gluing, painting and 'shinning'.
The exterior trimmings of the dinning/living room and bedroom windows and the roof of the porch are ready:
3 coats of 'guache' dark brown and 1 coat of transparent nail polish for 'shiny!' and I got this:

Now I'm going to finish the other parts of the roof. The kitchen windows and the bathroom window are off 'cause I'm planing some modifications.

And I just found this from Joan Elliot Design:

What a great Idea for a McKinley bashing!



  1. Your McKinley looks fabulous! All that hard work in getting the details just right has paid off. Sandie (Sydney)