Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Brimbles Mercantile - Days 05 e 06

Hi, guys!

I'm melting from the heat wave we are suffering here in Brazil... ARGH!
But I was able to finish the staircase - I like the way it looks but my mom said the Lalas will fall down the stairs without banisters... The Lalas are judging me for the delay... Thor Almighty, but they are bossy!

I was going to paint the steps white but I changed my mind and painted the same baroque brown.

The second floor and the back upper wall were glued in place and painted white, and I also 'test-drived' the big shelf furniture 'thingy'... still need to paint that...

Now I'm painting the windows trimmings and dormer thingies with nail polish - black nail polish so it shiiiines!!!! :D


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