Friday, May 23, 2014

The Brimbles Mercantile: full stock and sealed from dust. And books!

Hi Y'all

The Bits&Bobs is full! Finally!!!! I made many books - and got addicted to them - I got many thingies and added all I could fit there.

In other news, as a book junkie I found a gem in the web: The first book I read as a child and I turned it into a mini!.
I present to you: The Cinderella Golden Book from Disney - 1958 or 59 (I'm not sure)
I remember reading this book hundreds of times with my sister and I always considered the dress in the book more gorgeous than the dress in the movie.
I got the jpeg pictures and convert to a pdf file. Then I printed in high quality in "multiple page sizing" (pages for sheet 5/5).The cover I printed in poster size at 18% so I could have a bit of overlap, and Voilá!:

FYI: Here in Brazil we use centimeters.
I love minibooks!!

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  1. I love the Cinderella book. You did a wonderful job>
    Hugs, Drora