Monday, September 10, 2012

Mckinley dollhouse - week Sixteen

Hello, hello

I 'tiled' the kitchen :

And that's all I did. Kidding... I'm painting the fridge and the stove. And I'm making plans to do a sink for the kitchen.
I like this kind of sink, but I don't know if I'm capable to make it from scratch... I'll try:

Tonight I'll add the goo that goes between the tiles (I have no idea what is it called in english)
I'm going to buy the tiles for the bathroom as soon I get home 'cause the connection here at work is limited and sucks wide.
The wallpaper for the bedroom and attic office wallpaper are chosen (scrapbook paper cuties!)... I still need to choose some for the living/dining room ( I want RED!) and the attic bedroom (kids stuff?). The tower loo will be done in tiles too (maybe yellow?). Roof tower room will be wood galore, in the walls AND floor. :D



  1. You can make that sink, I did and it was really easy.

    There is a link on that post to Kris' tutorial for the cabinets and sink, both are inexpensive to make. Good luck!

    1. But you have only 2 thumbs, one in each hand. Me... it's a different story... hihihihihi. But I'm going to try anyway.

  2. I love the tiles - but then blue is my favourite colour! And the 'goo' to go between the tiles is called grouting in English. But 'goo' describes it really well.

    1. Grouting... right got to remember that. ;D

      Tiles here in Brazil are the easiest materials to find since mosaics are the craft 'thing' to do. And they are sold in very good prices too. Thank Thor!