Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 09 to 12

Helloooo, good people!

Not much was done in the last four days since the weather (THANK YOU THOR!!!) got wet and cold..ish... and the wood glue took forEVER to dry.

Central Partition and Front Wall in place:

 The tower side in the Central Partition wall cut off:

 The Right side of the Second Floor and the Back Wall were glued in place.

With that done, I'm taking my time and making some plans and adjustments for the new staircase on the Tower space.
As you can see the tower space is more open since I cut off some of the Left Front Wall. The front doorway in the Tower Front Wall will be closed ( maybe it'll be turned into a window?) Theses walls are not glued in place yet since I still have to cut the 'head gap' for the staircase on the Left Side of the Second Floor.

The original floorplan put the kitchen in the left side with the dining and living rooms in the back (dinning in the back wall side, living in the front wall side). I'm going to turn all that around. The living room will be in the left side with a entrance doorway. Then the kitchen in the back wall side and the dinning room in the front wall side. With the chimney gone in the first floor, it will give me a 'open concept' kitchen/dinning area... ;D
Like this:

Now I'm going to work on the staircase prototypes, later!....

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