Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Fairfield dollhouse - Days 01 to 04



The last post was over 3 months ago... Times flieees!
I took a month of vacation to visit my sister in Mississauga and OF COURSE I had to buy more dollhouses. The Diana and the General Store half-scale laser-cut are miiine!
I'm going to have to send some old plushies and toys away to open space for the pretties dollhouses.

This Sunday I started the Fairfield. Beautiful Fairfield... Too bad is a die-cut. A laser-cut would be awesome, IMAGINE the DETAILS we could have!!

Die-cut means sanding, losts of sanding and with sanding comes splinters, LOSTS of splinters....
I can honestly say I gave blood for this dollhouse. hehehehe

My plans for the Fairfield includes (of course) some bashing. I'm still planning what exactly to do, but the original staircase is gone! My staircase is moving to the tower space. I'm adding some doors in the second floor so I can make the porch roof into a porch balcony. I'm going to try some semi-open concept in the first floor so the fireplace and central wall/column are gone there. In principle, they still exist in the second and third floors. for now.... ;D
But everything begins with the foundation...
I sanded, and sanded and sanded then glued the foundation together. After that I added some more wood glue in the joints so it does not comes apart when I'm moving things around.

Next up, the outer and central walls...and more sanding... ARGH!!!


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