Saturday, July 14, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week eight


I didn't have much done this week.
But I have some pictures to show.

I made a table from scraps:

And I started cutting the shingles:

This is me fooling around while cutting the shingles: 
Kind of 50's no?

Some furniture placement. Just to see how it looks...

 Right now the dollhouse is on its back (or front?) with the second part of the roof drying:

That's all!


  1. hello!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for commenting and leaving your blog-address!!! Your work looks wonderfull and very interesting!! I will be back to look at it all!!! Many greetings!

    1. Hello hello, and thank you. You are very welcome anytime! Cheers!

  2. Hiiiii some more, Gleise. It's starting to come together. I REALLY like the shape you cut the 50's style shingles in. they look totally awesome!
    You're doing a good job and getting it done. this thing is a LOT bigger than I thought it would be. LOL
    good job, keep up the good work. :)

    1. Hi anymore! the 50's thingy is me trying a different kind of flooring ... but I decided it's too busy. SO I'm going to cut the larger bottom half as shingles for the large roof and the thinner upper half as shingles for the porch and kitchen bay roofs. This thing is gigantic. I had NO idea, and the McKinley is considered smaller than others Greenleaf dollhouses... The mind boggles!