Saturday, July 7, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - week seven


Not much was done this week 'cause gluing staircases are the work of the devil...
But it's done:

I re-glued the tower in it's proper place:

And glued the upper back part:

Gaps galore!... That's what you get when you get excited when sanding... StOOOOOOOOOOOOOpid me!:

Next, the tower roof... 37 minutes to get the parts together with tape.. Apparently I'm all thumbs today, Aeh:

Later dudes!


  1. put the sandpaper down and back away... very slowly. HAHAHA.

    it looks good, all despite the gaps ;) the stairs do look good too. the overlap on the lip of the stairs is nicely spaced as well.

    the tower top looks like it was tedious! :(

    you're doing a great job.

    P.S. I was trying to read the "man's inattention to his surroundings" but the majority of the story was cut off by the picture end. LOL haha does look quite interesting though. :p men. pffffft!


  2. I wanted to cry when I notice the first gap, but there's why the f12exist... to fix STOOOOOPID people screw-ups.

    The staircese is sooo cute I want to hug the entrails out of it!

    tower top was evil... still drying. I think it's going to take the whole night. aeh!

    uh? "man's inattention to his surroundings"?? you mean the computer screen in the first picture? I can't even remember what I was reading. Must have been the Generation Kill book. *confused*

  3. LOl you poor thing. I did notice the gaps and I can image that they would be difficult to fix.

    the staircase IS adorable! I love it. you should make an extra staircase on the roof leading to the sky. HAHA, people will wonder what's going on. haha.

    yes, that stuff on the computer screen. LOL it looks interested! eh :-/

    1. Gaps are mean. I don't want to play with them anymore!

      Jesus, it's like you are reading my mind! This getting freaky...