Sunday, July 22, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - Week nine!

Wow... week nine!

Not much was done this week 'cause I had to cut the new roof part. Twice, 'cause I'm stooooopid.
I measured three times and STILL managed to cut short.
But it's done and already glued in place.

It came from a very large sheet of plywood I had for ages that I used it as a extension surface to put a very large puzzle I had ( which, after several months I gave up and I send to my little cousin ). As you can see this piece of plywood was already sealed, but in the end will not show up anyway.
I also cut a supporting wall so I can have 3 rooms in the attic space ( including the tower space ). Also glued in place:

As you can see I'm still holding my 'I'm stoopid' card since I cut the wall 4 mm longer than needed. AEH...

Next week it's the week to send the gaps galore away

 That's the tower room seen from the corner room in the attic. Gaps! What a shocker...

And this is the My McKinley Dollhouse today... Only two parts to finish the structural part. YEY ME!

Now it's back to cutting shingles.. I HAVE BLISTERS! And me thinks I won't have enough shingles for all the roof... ARGH!

Oh, welcome y'all new followers of mine. I got 17 now!
let's dance!
\o/  \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/!
Yes I'm weird like that.:D



  1. I don't know how you do it, Gleise, I would have thrown that damn thing out of the window! haha. If I have to take a card or a scrapbook page apart more than twice, I scrap the whole thing.

    It appears that yo have much more patience than I. lol So, with having 3 rooms in the attic, is that even going to be enough space for anything? What do you plan on using the rooms in the attic for, other than storage?

    and yeah, gaps, ick!!!! oh and don't worry about making things too long. I SUCK at measuring, totally! as in, when I need to cut a mat (a different colored/decorated sheet of cardstock to go on top of the card base) for a card, I literally have to lay the cardstock on top of the card, and then make marks with a pencil, and just cut it shorter than the line I made. LOL it's a pain in arse, and I wish I could figure out the measuring. :(

    keep up the good work!

    1. I would never do that. My hoarder genes will never let me!.

      Funny enough, this is a very calming and relaxing hobby for me... Go figure. The 3, better yet, 2 1/2 rooms are larger than I expected. The one with the tower room will be another bedroom, with the tower room as a half bath. The other room will be a living or tv room. with a staircase to the patio on the roof! Jesus I'm out of control...

      I'm going to sand the shit out of that wall 'till its even. hehehe

  2. P.S. if you start to run out of wood for the shingles, try using old CD's (you know, like music cd's, but don't actually use music cd's, use old cd's that you don't need anymore that had computer files on them) and cut them into the same shape as the other roof shingles. use the bottom part of the cd (not the top part that has writing on it) and face it up towards the sky. it will give you a really neat iridescent looking roof. totally cool! :)

    1. I'm going to get a few more bags of the wood ice scoop I used for shingles. The are very cheap, but good idea about the old CDs... I' going to use that, maybe on the patio on the roof. Thanks Melisa! Your mind is a treasure chest, darling friend!