Saturday, June 9, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - And we have gaps... lots of gaps


Gaps... no matter how or where I glue, gaps are abound.

And I mixed some tower parts and glued wrong... Results: I'm going to have cut a new hole. ARGH!
Stooopid me!



  1. It's looking good, Gleise! :)
    here is a suggestion to fix the gaps, not sure how well it would work... how about filling the gaps with hot glue (using a hot glue gun) and then once the hot glue dries (fairly quick, a minute or so), sand it down or cut it with a craft knife to make it flush (even) with the rest of the piece? then you can just paint it to be whatever color to match the house.

    It makes sense to me, not sure if it would to you... if that doesn't make sense I can do it with some wood here and take a pic to show you. :) super easy!

    Keep up the good work, can't wait to see it finished! :)

    1. HY ANYMOOOORE!!!! Good idead Melisa... I'll try that. I can't get any worst that already is. *SMOOOCHIES*

  2. So, have you tried it to see if it would fix the gaps? I would imagine it would, and then you could just paint over it when you paint the house. :)

    1. Did a 'test drive'... didn't work very well... so I bought a f12 paste that worked really good! but thanks for the tip!