Sunday, June 24, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - Week Four


I'm  stoooopid so I'm 'ungluing' the tower parts since I was not able to cut the round window I needed it.
AND since I was in the mood I unglued the porch floor to I could redo the freaking front steps.I used my hair dryer to soften the glue.

Victory!!!...after 3 hours I was able to unglue the tower parts, the porch floor, place the front steps and re-glue the porch floor.

The result:

The front steps:

And this is the round window - and I got only 7 new cuts on my fingers:

The darker one is the one I did, the other is the original die-cut (?) - looks good enough for me:

Next, I think I'll put the staircase together. and the fireplace.


  1. Your cuts look very nice and even. It's hard for me to make neat straight cuts never mind curved ones. Good job.

    1. thanks! I also think it did end very well... worth the fingers cuts and band aids

  2. I really do like your front steps. they are nice. you did a good job. are you hand cutting the stairs or are they pre-cut?
    they are small, I couldn't hand cut them, I'd end up chopping a finger off! LOL

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the fireplace!! make it fancy! :)
    Keep up the good work hon.
    *beijos* <3

    1. Melisa, I did the front steps 3 times... My hairdryer worked double-time softening the wood glue 'til I got it right.
      Hand cutting?? Are you mad, woman?? The only thing I hand cut was the round window, anything else and I would end up cutting my neck or poking an eye out...
      All the parts are "pre-cut" and I use bunny ears ("") 'cause the cuts are lousy and sometimes I had to glue layers together in some parts.
      fancy???! You are very bossy and demanding... I think I like that about you... ;D

  3. LOL!!!! well, if you would use a sharpened spork, you might not poke an eye out? LOL

    I would imagine that a hair dryer can take forever... have you thought about using a "heat embossing" heat gun? You could find it in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores. Not sure what stores you have there in brazil. if you can't find one, I could always get one and send it to you. I would imagine it could go through customs since it's a craft item? but it being an electronic item I am not sure.

    It is much better than a HAIR DRYER, and it gets about 50 times hotter and in SECONDS. it can literally melt a plastic spork in 10 seconds or less, LOL that's pretty powerful. so using it on the house to soften the glue would be better than using a hair dryer.

    and yeah, fancy, haha. :p you better like it! ;)


  4. I found a place that have that heat gun but I'm kind of off since I'm afraid I'll burn my home down. I have a not so nice past with heat 'thingies'.
    I did burn my face with a welding(?) gun once. I was 12 at the time but that put me off of using heat 'thingies', for life!

  5. ahhh, I completely understand. I've burnt my finger with my heat gun once, it took months before I got the courage to pick it up again and do some heat embossing for cards. LOL

    1. The hairdryer is 'safe' and my mom don't get nervous when I'm using it. soo...