Thursday, June 28, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - how is suppose to look


This is how a McKinley Dollhouse is suppose to look if you  (have a very creative imagination ) and follow the very very VERY basic assembly instructions.

I have seen many 'bashings' that made this dollhouse look very poshy. Let's hope mine ends up somewhat decent. Beyoncé will probably disembowel me if not...


  1. WOW!!! Gleise, that's so pretty!!! yes, I think some bashing will do it some justice! and now I see what you mean about the attic not being very big! :-/

    I wanted to make you some pieces for this house, some furniture and decorations, but I really don't know what size in "inches" (or even centimeters) to make stuff? :(

    things like a picture frame, a blanket for a bed and a chair?

    tell beyonce she better behave or she'll end up in pieces in my witches brew ;)


  2. Theoricaly, it's a 1/12th Scale Dollhouse... I think...
    Assembled size: 33" W x 9" D x 31" H

    Anything you send it'll be welcome and much loved, darling!
    Beyonce is hissing like a angry cat, but she jumped all the way to the top floor of the Dreadful Manor. Very brave froogie... not!

  3. I wouldn't call her brave, but I'll call her something else! spoiled little brat is what she is! LOL ;)

    well i will try to figure out something I can make that will fit in that scale size. I'm not familiar with doll house scales, so that's why i asked for the measurements. :)


    1. She's getting into my nerves... "when are you going to finish?? WHEN??" every single day...

      As far as I understand the 1/12th scale is 1" scale (1" = 1')... I think.