Saturday, June 16, 2012

McKinley dollhouse - Week Three


I haven't done much this week..
Almost finish the tower, only missing the roof.

and I started the kitchen bay window roof.

And I am half way through the fireplace 'thingy'

AND I sanded all the parts for the staircase.



  1. you're making GREAT progress on this! it looks like the tower is going to be REALLY nice!! are you going to put a Rapunzel barbie doll inside of it with her hair hanging over the side? LOL

    good work hon. I'd love to see a picture of what this is supposed to look like when it's done.


    1. that little tower room in the attic will be a little bathroom. This dollhouse is 1:12 scale so I think a Barbie is kind of big... Beyoncé (my frog singer) said she's not 'roommating' with blondes bimbos.


      No comments from me.

  2. well, you can just tell beyonce to give it up, cause she has a room mate that will be on her way to you soon. she'll either like her and they will get along, or beyonce can live in the basement. ROFLMAO! :p

    I didn't realize this house was that small. since that is going to be a bathroom, are you going to use a clawfoot tub? also, what are your plans for the windows? I think making some stain glass plastic pieces for them would be lovely. if I knew the exact size of the circles, I'd make you some for the window panes. :)


  3. Beyonce demanded (!) o.O a voodoo doll of you so she can poke... aeh...

    Small? I actually think it is bigger than I imagined.
    I got a 'claw-foot' tub porcelain brown! sooo posh!
    I have no idea about the windows... I decided I'll not plan ahead or I'll go bonkers and broke.

  4. LOL tell beyonce I'll send her something, but it won't be a voodoo doll of me. haha.

    the clawfoot tub is going to be cool. :)
    if you can trace the oval of one of the windows and cut it out and mail me the shape, I would be happy to do some crafty stuff and make you some stain glass windows. :)


    1. hahaha... she's not amused. I am!!

      The kit comes with 'windows' but I'm going to make real glass ones. I even got the cutting 'thing' and all that jazz... I have mad skillzzz!